3 simple steps to achieving momentum in your sustainability plan

As an organization you have committed to optimizing your business processes and identifying the true impacts of your products and services. You have even gone so far as to publicly commit to your sustainability goals with your partners and clients. In order to reach your goals you know that you will need to be able to inspire and motivate your employees.

Creating what is referred to as  “green teams” is an excellent way to empower them – to make them feel that they are part of the solution.  There might already even be an adhoc team or two located in your company that has taken on the responsibility of recycling or planning a “bike to work” program. These teams seem to be found in many organizations regardless if there is a sustainability strategy in place. The goal is to harness these teams, set the strategy, get them excited about the possibilities and then let them run the show. If you have a solid strategy with clearly established goals, letting these teams own the program, has proven to be a quicker and more efficient way to reach your sustainability objectives. You can easily get them moving by doing the following:

1. Co-create a vision – have them co-create, understand and share a vision statement that clearly defines the programs goals. Discuss and clarify where they are and how to get to where they need to be given the resources available to them.

2. Identify the concrete and actionable steps – together identify the various steps needed to achieve the vision. With varying levels of knowledge of sustainability, clear actionable steps are a must.

3. Outline key success metrics – create an initial baseline of where the organization is and identify the performance metrics required to obtain the program goals at the onset. Make the metrics understandable by all and achievable.