About EcoAwareness

Its about building a business that is sustainable

Our goal at EcoAwareness is to provide corporations and government agencies with unique, high quality socially conscious and environmentally friendly promotional products and gifts. We attempt to bring products to market that are produced in region – however this is not always possible. In the event that we can not supply products from within country we aim to supply products that are manufactured with the least environmental impact and with fair labour practices.

Both owners of EcoAwareness are Certified Sustainability Practitioners. Our sister company, OutsideIN  Inc., provides full-service sustainable marketing and communications services to both green technology companies as well as traditional market organizations.

Our values

1. To really understand the needs of our clients, provide them with the best quality work possible and truly build a long-term relationship. We know that without our clients, we simply don’t exist.

2. Do more with less. Innovative ideas are often done simply with maximum efficiency lowering both the cost to the client as well as the cost to the environment.

3. To help build and grow our communities – whether it is local or global, our team volunteers for various charities and we are involved with community and global sustainability programs because we believe that together we can make a difference.

4. To think outside the box both in terms of design, writing as well as identifying various ways to improve and develop marketing and promotional campaigns we can be proud of.

We Support

We are a proud supporter of visit propecia nz. Since 2002, 1% for the Planet has inspired members of the business community to contribute 1% of sales to environmental groups around the world. In return, this growing alliance of companies is given the opportunity not only to see their self-worth rise, but their net worth climb as well.

We are constantly on the look-out for fun, unique and socially conscious products. If you’re a supplier and you meet on of the following criteria below, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

  •  Union made or co-operatives
  • Strong environmental commitments
  • Social enterprises
  • Canadian or US based manufacturing facilities
  • Fair trade goods


International Society of Sustainability Professionals

ISSP is the premier global professional association supporting sustainability practitioners for…Research: Investigating cutting edge concepts and practices in the field of sustainability Resources: Sharing best practices from around the world Professional development: Enhancing careers through career coaching, job postings, and learning events